I got to day 100 of my Github streak.

Here is the background on this whole thang.


Instead of explaining my findings I went and created a web page to summarise the information. Here it is. I am too embarrassed to show the code that worked this stuff out. It might turn out to be a nice project though.


I am happy enough with the pull requests and in the next 50 days I would like to have a several more.

I created 83 issues and by the 100 day mark 54 of them were closed. I am happy enough with this.

The exercies repo I created has been a failure. This tells me that unless I have a practical application I have little to no interest. This is something I should change.

I want to see more pull requests and for me to finally start doing something useful with the repo as it has been ignored for the last month (at the time of writing).

My get out clause to stop breaking the chain is to add an issue or add an alias to my dotfiles repo. Adding an issue wasn't as common as I thought it was and 90% of them were closed within a week of them being created so all things being equal that side of things was ok. The real killer was just adding an alias to my dotfiles. I wanted to learn during this challenge and adding a one line change a to 'runcom' file isn't learning. To counter the one line change to dotifles I created a new Stuff I learned repo.