My current day job. Built using django, angular and postgress.

AuditPlus is a fully mobilised solution which equips organizations to manage their audit and compliance procedures with ease. A powerful app to conduct faster, paperless assessments and web portal for real-time secure reporting. Customizable templates and built-in scheduler ensure tight control and 24/7 visibility of the entire audit process. Compliance made easy.

As a core engineer in the team my main responsibility was to develop a solution that made it easy to build and schedule audits, and for those audits to be completed on a mobile application.

I built the internal analytics and reporting engine for the product. Amended the portal side of the application to be timezone aware. Integrated a messaging/alert system to be used throughout the portal side of the application. I built the reporting engine for clients to get a fast feedback loop on critical failures/non complicances within their audits. I also helped develop a filtering segment to easily integrate into the codebase to enable customers to filter on multiple elements easily. As a senior member of the team I lead the team in quickly bringing up the code coverage testing from the 51% to over 85%.