At the start of May I made what I thought was an innocent tweet and got banned.

Upon further inspection it does look like I threatened to kill somebody. However it was a joke and a play on the Liam Neeson Meme of finding someone and killing them.

The backstory is simple, when off on holiday I got a cold. I don't take the cold well and the last time I did take a cold I was going over to ElixirConf 2017. I got sick just before going. I remember couging so much on the trip down to Dublin to get the plane that I had to pull over several times to be sick. Then an eight hour flight to chicago with a transfer to Seattle. A horrible flight with me couging and spluttering the whole trip. If you watch any of the videos you might hear me cough my lungs up. After the conference was over I then hopped on another internal flight to New York. That cold hung about me for months.

Luckily I have been cold free since, until I was off on two weeks holiday, typical! I wasn't in a good place back then anyway (more on that in a later instalment).

Due to my aforementioned head space I probably threw out the tweet without thinking too much. I still think it was playful enough but obviously the twitter gods decided different and I got a warning email saying my account was banned :(

I tried as many times as I was allowed to appeal but it fell on deaf ears. I have been with twitter since 2007, an early user. The data is gone apart from a dump of data I took back in 2013. As Steve said you don't own data on third party services. He even did a great talk about it at NiDevConf.

I am annoyed by it, especially when you think of the vile that is out there on twitter and they are allowed to keep their accounts. I've set up a new account @theonlyswmcc. It isn't the same, my old account was with me for so long and had so much history on it. I'll still use it from time to time but probably not as much as I used to. Then again I am full of shit!