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  • Nov 2, 2015

    I unit test my blog

    As stated before in my last article New Site this site is written in Jekyll. It contains five pages: An index page...

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  • Oct 28, 2015

    New Site for 2015

    During the summer I decided I needed a new website. The old one was alright, it was doing its job good enough....

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  • Jun 4, 2015

    The bro's stag

    Bro's Stag I've had a blog since 2000 - way before they were cool (am a trend setter). Before twitter and facebook...

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  • May 18, 2015


    Toby said something on twitter that I found interesting. @tosbourn why? that makes no sense ;) you'll be back again... we will...

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  • May 17, 2015

    100 Day Github Streak

    Background I got to day 100 of my Github streak. Here is the background on this whole thang. Summary Instead of explaining...

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  • Mar 24, 2015

    50 Day Github Streak

    Background Yesterday I got to day 50 of my Github streak. I have commited at least once a day to my github...

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  • Aug 9, 2014

    Estranged from Facebook

    So I finally did it. I got rid of FB.... Now I haven't deleted it or deactivated it I just simply don't...

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  • Jul 15, 2014

    Annoted history of my top 20 commands Part Deux

    In November I posted about my twenty most used commands. So here I am six months later and I am doing it...

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