Bro's Stag

I've had a blog since 2000 - way before they were cool (am a trend setter). Before twitter and facebook were used to detail one's life I had a blog to do it. Some of it still remains in here that I pulled from archives. Most of it is lost though. I guess if I really wanted to get it back I could but to be honest I can't really be assed.

Anyway back in the day I used to blog about personal stuff. You can go back into the archives and see when I lost seven plus stone by training!! Or you can go back and see my post about me moving out of my folks house (to live with me brother). There is one where my sister passed her test. More recently I've used this blog for talking about technical stuff with the odd exception of Paul's wedding. So am using this entry to say about my brother's stag.

My bro has finally met a lovely girl (after meeting a few dragons - yeah I said it!) and on Christmas 2014 he asked her to marry him and she foolishy said yes :) Why someone would choose to spend their life with such a wee arsehole as my brother is beyond me ;) We lived together for seven years (from I was 22 until 29) so I know what she's getting herself in for :)... Anyway the stag was down in Dublin and a great time was had by all - though I am paying for it now.. 5am is not an hour I see often and especially not one I see coming to me with a drink in hand!

Luckily there is no FB photos or anything to see (as far as I know) but time will tell.

Also it was the first time me and the bro have shared a room since we both lived at home... 18 years ago!!!!

Come 3:30pm I had to leave him and head back up home.... I sent him a text to see if he got back ok... the wee shite is still going.. that's a 36 hour bender.... impressive :)