2018 started full of promise and quickly decended into a shit show for me.

Looking back on it something was 'off' or 'different' with me last Christmas. I just ignored it and by the summer of 2018 I was in full decent mode both phsyicaly and mentally. A few people close to me said to me I was burnt out but I didn't listen and plodded along.

I am now going to take a break, I'll not be about on twitter, slack or any of the usual places. In fact I wont even be in in the country for a while.

Everyone should look after their mental and physical health and this is something that I've ignored for far too long.

If you've been waiting on me for a PR or an update on a user group I run, well, you'll have to wait a while yet before I get back to you, sorry.

I hope to start 2019 strong and make it better than 2018.

So this is me until sometime in January. Have a great Christmas and New Year.