So I finally did it. I got rid of FB.... Now I haven't deleted it or deactivated it I just simply don't go to it anymore. I've tried to get rid of it in the past, however my spotify is connected to it and that is essential to me on a daily basis. I could regsiter a new account but I can't be bothered doing that. Also the few times I did deactivate it I had a few people ask me why with a shocked look.. Like I was hurting them by no longer wanting to be their 'friend'.

I've realised how ridiculous it was to watch my online friends live their lives and by “liking” their status updates or over-filtered pics. It dawned on me that if I truly cared about someone and what they were doing with their life, I wouldn't do it from a safe distance online. It’s easy to forget that there is a lot more going on in peoples lives other than what they choose to post on social media.

As stated I didn't deactivate or delete it. I just stopped going to it and therefore no one is offended that I am not longer their 'friend' and my spotify account still works :) So far so good.

I wonder if it will continue?