In November I posted about my twenty most used commands. So here I am six months later and I am doing it agian.

➜  ~  history | awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn |head -n 20

2227vim# I *love* this editior
1646ls# hardly a shocker
1402cd# not very suprising at all
691make# in work all our tasks are in Makefiles (test, build)
645gs# My alias for git status
515git# I wonder what command this is as I have aliases most git commands
207gcm# My alias for git commit
184mr# My alias for running a server in work
159jekyll# I have moved most of my sites to jekyll now.
142fgrep# Where the fook is this being called? ;)
118./bin/rails# With RAILS 4 you now get spring my default. Guess I use it :)
82ssh# I've moved most of my infrastrucutre to Digital Ocean so setting servers up I guess.
80pwd# Where the fook am I? ;)
76./bin/rake# Ahhh running tests or migrations
72rm# Get the fook out of my system!
71ga# Alias for git add
57cp# Copy copy copy!!!
55sqlite3# The wee light database engine that could
54grunt# Some of my own tasks are now in grunt

I stopped using tmux at the start of the year. So my start_development script doesn't make an appearance. I liked tmux but it wasn't the handiest for paging so I decided to leave it - albeit reluctantly.

Last time ssh wasn't in the running at all. This time it has made a big comeback. I've recently moved most of my stuff to Digital Ocean. So I guess I was setting up things a fair bit. I don't really expect it to stay around much longer.

sqlite3 made it in but no other db's. I'll keep an eye out for this again next time around.

In work we use make for lots of things so that's probably why heroku isn't in there too much. For my own stuff I now have a CI server that handles going off to staging/deploying so I don't really need to go near it. Grunt is used for running tests suites and the like.. and probably why node is nowhere to be seen.

I am alos suprised that tig didn't make it in.

I am pretty happy with it. I would like to see the use of the git command completly handled by alias requests.. Same with rails - but I guess if I am using scaffolding to prototype something I can't get away from it.