Yay.. The Leech passed her Driving Theory Test

I was one of the first batch of idiots to do the practical test. In my day you had a pencil and had to fill in the multiple choice questions, then it was sent off and about a week later you got told whether you passed or not. The Leech found out straight away whether she passed or not.

I am pleased for her, but more importantly I am pleased for myself, as I am a step further to retiring as her chauffeur. In fact with all the 'Leech Miles' added up I probably wont have to to drive for six years :)

I am heading into Belfast tonight in rather fruitless attempt to get me 'Christmasy'. On Saturday I will get the 'Big Fuck Off Tree', more on that later. So maybe I'll get extra decorations or something. It was a good idea at the time, but I am very tired at the mo, so I wouldn't mind just going in and then coming home - but since the Mum and Leech are meeting me in there I don't think that is gonna happen. Ahh well - hopefully it will put me in a better mood.